Sunday, August 7, 2011

Truth (funny) Facts: Chapter 1

Since it has been a while from the last time i post a blog, this time, i will try to funny just to entertain people. Remember, it's just a joke, so sometimes it may be offensive, ridiculous or hilarious, yeah. So, let's start, shall we?

Facts no 1: Women who wear hot pants or mini skirts always make imagine how their v****a
look. So, to men- Please don't wear any hot pants or boxer when you are meeting me,
because i don't want to imagine how your p***s look.

Facts no 2: Sometimes, we have to warn or tell overweight people that by wearing skinny pants
and jeans, will not makes them look skinny.

Facts no 3: I'm in love with a girl, but if somebody ask me what 'love' means, i would say,' hmm
that's good question.' and walk away from that person.

Facts no 4: When i was working at Pavillion, i can't wait to resign and spend the whole day at
home watching movies and playing pc games. But now after a few days i'm at home, i
did actually asked my dad whether he has blank position in his office that i can fill to
work under.

Facts no 5: If you ask a man to do 20 rakaats Tarawikh Prayer, he would say he won't be able to
do it or he is not capable of doing it. But if you ask him to proudly tell you how he got
1st place in the marathon race, he would gladly tell a damn long story that it would fill
not just a book, but two.

So, there you go. Hope you enjoy the jokes. However, if you can't enjoy or even accept it as one, why do even bother read 'til here, right? Food for thought.

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