Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Plumber (Hackers)

From what i heard on the news, papers and etc., there's this organization called 'SKMM' who has blocked 10 big websites that most of Malaysians have used to download or upload movies. Just to be clear, i've checked the websites myself that those websites do supply links or mirror links to let people download it, and JUST to be clear..people didn't steal those videos from anyone or any websites. Those movies were 'given' or 'offered' to people not just to Malaysians or Asians, but also to the rest of the world who know how torrent (file sharing) works. It, for God's Sake, shares not SELL or COPY or STEAL. Get it? As a young Malaysian, i don't see the necessity of blocking those websites from Malaysians, as if those websites were used for some illegal activities or piracy or whatever they called it. From my experience, at this modern time, i don't see anyone who still buy pirate DVDs or CDs. I mean, seriously, who does? Even if there is, it will be just the minorities.

My point is, even if Malaysians really do download movies from those websites for free, it doesn't mean that they didn't go to the cinema to watch them. I mean, the surroundings are different, to watch at your PC and cinema with very loud surround-sound system, it's totally different. People would want to watch movies at the cinema IF the movies are worth it. Like, come on, who would want to watch 'Dua Alam' when the production only earns less than 500k? Get what i'm trying to say?

Malaysians have their rights either to go or NOT to go to the cinemas or SPEEDY. SKMM or anyone couldn't just take those rights away from them or from me, as a Malaysian. To me, SKMM is just the blockage that block pipes of downloads. So, what to do when there's anything wrong with the piping system- just call the plumber(hackers)! So, to all the Hackers all over Malaysia, please, do as you please. :)

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