Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prizes to be won XD

This morning, i've found a website about a campaign where you will be awarded with a lots of wonderful prizes like DSLR camera, ZARA voucher, TOPSHOP voucher and even tickets for Justin Bieber's upcoming concert on the end of the month. Wow!!!!

All you have to do is click http://says.my/mahdi1105/bday and read all the details for you to stand a chance and win all those cool prizes. It's simple! Just click, read, join the team and wait for this hot prizes!!! XD
ZARA voucher: People say that if the voucher's only RM100 or Rm200 it will be pointless because you can't buy anything much. So, they offer you RM500 voucher!!!!!!!

If you like lame digital camera, then you're going to love this!! Canon SLR is out to be won daily!!! Wow!!! :D

People said that iPhone 4 is the best phone ever. So, our team decided to offer not 1 iPhone, but 2 iPhone to be won!!!!! Yeah!! :D

So, what are you waiting for guys? The more you wait the further you will be to get these prizes.

p/s: Psst, (whispering) if you ever wished to see Justin Bieber live in KL at the end of month, there are 4 tickets to be won daily ;). Oh and, you'd better hurry because by the time i post this blog, hundreds of people will want to grab it :)

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