Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dota 2 Unleashed!! (Valve Source ngine)

DotA 2 Announced – Dota 2 Coming in 2011. The vital change in DotA 2 is that it will run on Valve’s Source Engine which will remove all the Warcraft 3 limitations. All the heroes, items, terrain, buildings will be ported same as in current version of DotA. Anyone who plays Warcraft 3 – Dota will instantly recognize DotA 2. However, there are still some things which are new in DotA 2.

Following are some features Valve introduced about incoming DotA 2:

DotA 2 BloodseekerIn-game Voice Chat:
DotA 2 will have integrated voice chat feature which will allow players to communicate during game without using 3rd party software.

Leaver AI replacement:
Disconnected players will be replaced by AI bots which will take control over the hero. It will be available in unranked matches

Heroes Voice:
DotA 2 will feature new voice work. You’ll get amusing lines from heroes as they deny the enemy team last hits on creeps, and champions who have backstory connections will trade quips when nearby.

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