Monday, April 4, 2011

Dancing in Nightmare

I've just realized how ungrateful i am as a man who have so many people that care about him. Is it my fault that i forgo all those people, i mean, i did try my best it's just that sometimes people will only see things based on the 'fruits and seeds' concepts. People will assume that if there's no fruits, then there's no seeds. If there's no seeds, there's no effort done by the farmers, so the farmers are to be blamed. What people do not see is the seeds that was planted by the farmers because they are hidden underground. So, to find out the proofs that i have really tried my best, people will have to dig deeper and deeper to see whether i've tried my best or not. But, of course, who would want to waste their time digging when they can just assuming, right?

The thing is, i've done my part. And it wasn't enough, i know. Then, show me the way so that i'll satisfy you, i'm tired of dancing in nightmare. I will only hit wrong people and wrong doors, so enlighten me, with your clues, light or whatever you call it. Only God knows the way, but i have to somehow find it with your help. Guide me..please. I've had enough. Everything that i do will only results in failure. I'm sorry that i've hurt you. Now, i'm so lonely and i can't hold it much longer..

"hanya lagu yang menjadi ingatan..
hanya lagu yang menjadi kenangan..
seandainya masa itu kembali semula..
Ingin ku memiliki lebih dari itu."

p/s: Please come back, sayang, i can't hold it's getting darker and darker..


  1. my dear oldfwen..fokus studi!! live ur life, rite?? (^_^)v