Friday, March 18, 2011

The times of my purge lives

Day 4: Still sick. I feel weak most of the times but i somehow managed to continue my life. I wont give up that easily. There're still works to be done before next week. The fact that my closed ones are turning their backs on me, i'm on my own. Am i:

stressed?- A little bit or sometimes yeah.

alright?- That, depends on how i live my sick moments :)

happy?- Happy?? pfftt..pfft~ duh~

sad?-_ _ s

energetic?- Definitely not! :D

excited?- Well, something that i really wanted is coming, so, yeah, you can say that i'm a little excited. But, i don't want to put a lot of hope. I'm afraid that things will go against my will.

worry?- ...yes. I am worry of something, but i can't tell because it's p n c.

going back home this week?- I would say no because i don't want to. But, 'why do people go behind the enemy lines? It's because they wanted to find something precious to them.' ;)

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