Thursday, March 3, 2011

So-called plan Part:: 2

1) I've got into lots of trouble just to prepare my schedule for the pre-reg. In the end, it says that i was too early for it because i'm still level fucking 1.
2) All of my efforts to gain a happier life with my loved ones perished by the human 'main enemy'.
3) Years of training to overcome my anger are totally pointless when i can't stand the 'ultimate test' by someone whom i trust the most.
4) In line with my goals, i tend to forgo many things right in front of me as i only see the things way ahead of me.
5) Dilemma is the only thing that is playing inside my jukebox head.

May i accept all the things that God gave me gratefully as there's a blessings in disguise.

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