Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Room Alone

Now, from my worst nightmares, everything came true. I did not expect it to be this soon perhaps it is the Will of God. I don't have anyone anymore. When i follow my instinct, i'll make people go away from me, well maybe not literally. But, soon everyone will now knows how bad i'm truly am despite of this 'muka baik' mask that i'm wearing. I can't accept someone who doesn't accept me. I can't understand people who don't understand me. That's my rules. It's my life. If you want to play games in my life you will have to play by my rules. My life, my rules, right?

Apparently not all people would want to play my games. Not all people would even dare to accept the challenge of playing by my rules. Because most of the people will soon realize that they can't follow my rules which in other words, they would want me to accept or understand them, but they can't even care about accepting me.

So, if you can't play by my rules. It's either you bug off from my life, or me, myself who will walk away. In this case, i prefer to make the first step. 'I'll walk away'.

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