Thursday, March 31, 2011

Motor: Rewind

I suddenly remember the time when my father asks me something that any son would have ever wanted at that time:'Mahdi, jom pegi beli moto ko', he said. I was playing Tekken 5 with my arcade controller at that time, but you know what- i don't care. i just turned the damn thing off and walk straight to the car :D i got to admit, my leg was shaking at that time because i was to excited :) So, that was in 2008, it has been 3 years and a lot of things has changed. Even though before this it is quite cool for someone to bring a bike to the campus, now it is very common even though you brought a 150cc bike either Kawasaki Ninja or Yamaha FZ or Honda CBR. Actually, what most people do not understand about students bringing their bikes to the campus weren't just to show off but because of necessity. Bikes are very efficient.
  • It is easier to get a parking spot either at your Mahalla or Kuliyyah.
  • It is cheaper as most of the bike will only consume RM1 for every 10-15 km depending on the usage of the rider.
  • If it rains, any disposable raincoats will only costs you less then 5 bucks, big deals.
So, until now i think that even though there's a..(clearing my throat) car, i still think that my bike is necessary. In fact, i will keep it until it breaks into little tiny pieces that even the mechanics can't fix it :D (it's not that i wish for it to happen but it is just metaphor, i'm just saying :) )

p/s: why do you think i write so much about my bike?? ;)

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