Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Just now, i was working on my summary on my Am Lit projects. Then, i decided to take five and read Mohd Mokhzani's (Jenny) today's Kosmo!. I was so surprised when i read this particular news on how a farmer found a very rare butterfly with a pattern of snake's head n its wing. Wow, interesting. Until i remembered, Mohd Fadzil ( Shebby) have once told me about one of my pictures in my phone. He told me that there're snake's heads on the picture of wings of the butterfly that i took. Then, i say,'o ha'a, ak tangkap kt jamban pas ak "beri" aritu haha mcm bes je 2 ak tgkp'. When i looked back at the pic- it matched.

Way to go kosmo!. A farmer found a butterfly and got into one of the front pages. Yeah. Big Whoop!

My pic is even clearer than Kosmo!'s

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