Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hug and Kiss

I want to say that i miss you terribly. I'm not embarrassed to say that i miss you and i want to hug you so tight that even all of the strength of other men couldn't overpower my power of love to you. As a Muslim, i may a little bit embarrassed to say that i want to hug you and kiss you but i'm not embarrassed to say that it is you whom i want to hug and kiss. People may say whatever they wish, i don't even care. What i do care is about how and when to entertain you and make you happy. Even i do know that i don't have that kind of ability, failure is always there besides me, i won't stop. I won't give up on you. I may not know what do you really want, and how to make you happy. But, lucky for me there's one thing for sure that i do know which is...

There's a time when you really despise me and you may wish that i'm gone..if only you knew what's in my would have never
ever, ever, ever want me to leave your side sayang..even for a sight.

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