Friday, February 4, 2011

Good memories?? ;)

Everything in this world has its own pros and cons. When i say everything, i mean all of them including the Dolby Digital speaker in my phone. The one that most of the cinemas use in the theater halls, just a little bit smaller like mini Dolby Digital speaker. Here's the thing, for me to wake up every morning, i use my phone as an alarm as the speaker's sound can produce very loud and yet surround sound more than enough for me to wake up from my sleep ;). Alright, that's the good thing. Now, as it can be very loud, there will be a time when i'm so tired that it's going to take more than just sound to wake me up. When that times come, when there's no one to help me to wake up, then my alarm will do everyone else in the house, room or hall a very big favor to wake everyone up :D That wasn't the bad thing.

From my look and behavior, no one would've expected me to use female artist's songs as my alarm. Thanks to my speaker, now everyone knows that i use female artist's songs as my alarm instead of something heavier like Pitbull, Linkin Park or Aerosmith and as usual when i say everyone, i really mean everyone. Now, that's the bad thing. :)

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