Saturday, January 8, 2011


I'm not selfish. This phrase is probably your answer if i were to ask you whether are you selfish or not. Most of the people will not admit that they are selfish, well that's why they're called selfish, right? I mean like, they only think about themselves so why bother throwing away your dignity by telling that you are wrong when you can keep your dignity by declining it. Most of the people would not want to admit that they are actually selfish because that will deny the fact that they are. So, in order to hide behind the mask, they blind the sight of other people by pointing their fingers out to other people. In this way, people will overlook the fact about who's guilty and who's not. So, the selfish man can now get away, again. In my opinion, a true selfish man will not hesitate to point his finger to himself if something goes wrong. Why? It is because since a selfish person is so into thinking about himself alone like he is the one who should be rewarded, and, and he is the one who should be promoted, then he is must also the one who should be blamed ( if anything goes wrong), right?

Weird, isn't it? most of the people ( including me) will try their best to fight for themselves as if it is sudden death situation where you'll die if you lose. To me, there's no wrong in doing something that's right. It's hard, even for me too. That's why from now on, i'll try my best to not point my fingers to anyone and try not to be selfish. I might want to start being a fishseller. Get it? Selfish, fishseller?? Whatever, like i care if it's funny or not :D

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