Sunday, January 2, 2011

So-called plan

I've learned that not all the things that we plan will go the way that we planned. It's just true. We humans can only plan things and He is the one who decides. The only thing that we can do is pray that God will hear us and lead us to the best path of our lives. Sometimes, it may be frustrating and disappointing or maybe humiliating but we have to believe that it is the best for us if not in this world, it must be in the Hereafter. When people plan something, not all people will plan of good things, sometimes we plan things that are only beneficial for us and not for other people which in some perspective can be considered as bad. Probably that is the reason why sometimes things didn't always go as the way we planned. From that, i believe is where the phrase "life is unfair" came from, don't you think? ;)

Well, it's just a guess. None of you should take any of my words seriously but i am serious about the "we can only plan" things. Hope it'll leave my mind or your mind to wonder about it.

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