Friday, December 3, 2010

Not helping phrases

I will just come right out from the bush and say it, that i hate when people say to me:

You're useless: I hate it because i believe that nobody's perfect which also means that no one not even the smartest guy on the planet can know everything. So, for someone to say that i'm useless is very unnecessary and unacceptable. Just because you don't see me doing anything doesn't mean that i haven't done anything. I mean, maybe while you're gone, i do a lots of useful things and i managed to finish it by the time you're in front of me that's is probably the reason why you don't see me doing anything. So, what's with the expression? To me, for someone to say it directly to me is someone who don't think and selfish. So, i hate them.

You're hopeless: The most 'not-encouraging' phrases of all time and at the same time the most effective way to destroy someone's hope and will. To some people, this is the right way to educate people to be stronger and tougher. It's true but you have to take it this way, even if a person did become stronger i'm pretty sure that that particular person will be weaker inside. Like, he might suffer from stress, trauma or something similar.

You're not important: ...and you are??

These phrases are the most 'not-helping' phrases in my opinion as they ruin people's mind all the time. Forget the positive effects of it, because none of them is going to be positive anymore if the major impact is destroying a person's heart that makes them dead inside. So, no matter who you are, or what you do, i may hate you or at least dislike you if i hear any of these phrases from your blessed mouth.

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