Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm confuse

The worst thing about being me is that i always think too much. I think about this, and that. If i'm thinking about food, i'll think what food that i really want to eat. Not just that, i want foods that will satisfy me the best so that i can enjoy it without any disappointments and regrets. The problem is, it will costs me a lot of thinking in my head. Like, in 5 minutes i think so much as if it has been 20 minutes. But what if i'm thinking about money? I'll not just think about others, but also myself. I want to satisfy both sides. Then i'll think, if i satisfy just the others, what about me? What's going to happen to me? So if the other way around. Now that's what i call troublesome. I can't be either egocentric or altruistic. I have to make difficult choices most of the times. That's hard.

No matter how kind i am, how patient i am, how bad or sarcastic i am, i'm still live with my confusing mind. Unless if i were to be given kind of questions with obvious answers like 'who do you love?' or 'what's your name?' then i'll answer without any confusions.

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