Sunday, November 28, 2010


I've had enough of the unbelievable cases where the husband keeps on abusing his wife and they will always end up with a divorce. The main problem is because the husband is a person who's blinded by his jealousy ( in Malay "cemburu buta"). He can't stand witnessing his wife meeting or even talking to guys. Even worse if his wife take a picture with other guys. Recently, in the news there's a woman reported that her husband cut her neck and blackmail to kill her if she ever think about divorce. It all starts when her husband saw a picture of her wife with another guy. Then, he suddenly became mad as he feels like he was betrayed.

Now, as an envious person, yet fair and lawful i try to see it in other perspective. Alright, the main cause of the problem is because the husband found out about the picture. If the wife really respect her husband and know her responsibilities, i think the wife shouldn't have took the picture with other guy and all of this wouldn't have happened, don't you think? I mean, why is the wife want to freely take a picture with other guy in the first place when she knows that she is a wife of man, she's not single anymore and she has to preserve her dignity as a mature, married woman. Now there, don't talk to me about freedom or woman's right. Think again, you wouldn't even got to work or socialize if we don't give your woman's right and freedom.

I'm not saying that that kind of jealousy is good but what happen to the phrase,'prevention is better than cure' or ' don't start none, won't be none'?? Even i myself as an envious person try my best to avoid anything that can evoke jealousy in my relationship because i know how worse can the consequences be.The thing is, know your surrounding, know your duty and know who you are. So that you won't do any foolish things. Same thing goes to me, and i'll also try my best to control my emotion to not feel any extreme jealousy at all.

May this post leave an impact to some people as i say not to teach, but to remind not just me but also other people.

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