Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not so blissful

Some people might be familiar with this attitude and some people might not as some people think that it is good and others don't think so. Now, when people tend to ignore things, other things will occur. I won't mind if it was good things but what i'm worried about here is the bad things. For example, imagine if you ignored what your teachers or parents have said to you, do you think you will be where you are now..? Do you think you will stand on where you're standing right now?? Obviously, your ignorance might have lead you to somewhere worse.

They say that "ignorance is bliss". For yourself-yeah it's a bliss. SO, are you saying that by ignoring other things or people will give you a total joy? Is that it? Let me tell a story about what is going to happen when someone ignored someone else.

There is one night, right in the middle of the night, A noticed that A's neighbor was mugged by a couple of burglars. Then A said,"why should i care??" as ignorance is bliss. SO, A just assumed that nothing has happened and just continued to go to bed. For that, A's neighbor was raped. Still, it won't concerns A as it has nothing to do with A and A didn't lose anything. Understandable, it's alright. Then, on the next day, it was A and A's family that was mugged by the burglars. Now A would want to care as it concerns A. Well, luckily A's neighbor saw what's happening at that moment. Too bad, A's neighbor was just as ignorance as A was. Ended up A's family was raped and murdered before A's eyes. Now, wouldn't that be a sight?

So people, you can think or say whatever judgment that you have..because i'm just being ignorance and it's blissful, right??

p/s : Don't blame me, that's what people say 0_o

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