Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's not Lancer, it's The Inspira

From what i believe from a blog that The Star said that,
  • After convincing Mitsubishi that Proton could improve on Lancer’s driving performance, Mitsubishi gave the green light to the suspension tweaking. ( Excuse me!? Proton wants to improve Mitsubishi's product??)
  • Among the improvements were revised suspension rating and bushings for a more comfortable ride and the incorporation of thicker anti-roll bars for better cornering stability. ( For better what?? Seriously??)
Let me get this straight, if Proton really have the capabilities to improve or in other word to upgrade something to something better, well im sure that Proton should have the capability to create his own cursedly car instead of go and so called improve a more established and well-known company's product like i don't know, maybe Mitsubishi's car!

I don't know about others but to me, for making such deals and commit that it's a new Waja that's so lame. Just because they know that the target of audiences for the cheaper Lancer which is Inspira is much more compare to Lancer itself, doesn't mean that they can just do whatever they wish with the car so that they can cut as many costs as they can to make the car affordable for most of the people in Malaysia.

I mean, come on even my grandma can tell the di

This one should be called,'Proton Got Inspiration from Lancer'.

It's not that i want to say that i can do better, i'm sure they are better than me in term of knowledge. I'm just talking about originality. Yes, Proton may make more money in this way but how can we gain respect from the world if we keep on making deals with other companies. Did you see they make the world fastest car out of other car?? That is because they created the car to gain its originality and gain respect from all over the world.
The Protonians are the clever one so try to think about it.

p/s: And they said, 'Support Malaysian Product'

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