Saturday, November 13, 2010


Finally, i'm free from the exams and Gombak. I'm happy. For quite some time, i've been thinking about what are the things that i'm gonna do when i'm home i mean, u can bore yourself to death if you wish. For obvious reasons, i tried to find ways to get away from all the bad smell, all the stressful feeling that i got from the lovely Gombak and tried to keep the good memories. Here's what i want to do during this semester break:

1) Go back home and meet my parents (of course)

2) Go back to my kampung and visit my grandma

3) Go fishing at my grandma's fishing's pond

4) Play volleyball with my bro if he's not busy

5) Play tennis with my bro at the Sport Complex

6) Play the new Transformers game

7) Go to any recreational park to get fresh air since nowadays the jungle is the only place to get fresh air ( and to be eaten alive by tigers :D)

8) I want to visit my colleagues at Mines Shopping Fair if possible

9) Go have my lunch at Sharif's Cendol at Seremban and Leman Dawi Cendol at Rembau ( Long Live Cendol)

Even though i live far from any of my friends, far from my sayang, i'll try my best to keep in touch. Hope my holiday will be a happy one. Hoho i'm so excited! Enjoy your holiday guys! :)

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