Friday, November 19, 2010


My second thought about myself is envy. For those who don't know me, they won't notice such things. Since i was a kid, i have always been an envy person. I keep on thinking about the superior quality of others that i do not have and ignore what qualities that i have. That's probably the reason why until now i don't know what am i capable of. I don't know my limits, my talents, or the things that i can do. I only know the things that i can't do.

When i was 5 until 10, i envy my brothers for these things:

The bicycle with tiger stripes Gun toys with rubber bullets

Power Rangers Morphers Toys

What i didn't realize at that time was that i have these things:

A BMX bicycle Sword toys with light

The same thing happened as i grew older, i envy on other people's stuff. Even so, through times i noticed that envy could be one of the most potent causes of unhappiness. I mean, even though i only envy because i care but there are things that we shouldn't be envy of. Like, if other people are using Ducati Monster and i only have Yamaha Legenda, i shouldn't be envy of them for what they have as i should be grateful for what i have. There are many other people who have always wanted to own even just a ride for their conveniences you know. In other words- be grateful. Some people only have a dollar per day to survive. You didn't see them come whining to you. Look, i'm not saying that envy is bad but i'm not saying that it is good either. It depends. Some can be very helpful and some can be very stressful. I mean, you shouldn't live other people's lives by thinking about what they have or what they do. This is your life so live it well.

I may not have everything in this world but at least i have these people that mean everything to me


and other 'necessary' things ( if you know what i mean ;) )

For me as a jealous person, i do envy sometimes ( or should i say most of the times :D) but i'm also grateful for everything that i have and for that- i lived my life and i don't give a damn about other people's lives.

p/s: I guarantee that some of the readers might think that what i have right now is little and insufficient. Well, too bad for them because i don't care, yeah i know i'm despicable rite? So?? :D

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