Thursday, November 25, 2010

Change ( Start All Over)

Since i was a kid, i believe that people like me for i am. For that, i don't have to change anything. Be myself, right? I don't know why, recently i have foolishly tried to change myself to be a better man where it turns out that i became a worse man. I changed my voice tone, the way i talk to people, the way i used to make jokes, the way i make people laugh and other else. I thought by changing the most important part of myself will turn me into someone greater but what was i thinking!? I didn't realize how unbelievable i am for trying to change Mahdi to someone else. There is no other Mahdi than me. I'm one in a million. If you want to find someone like me, you might have to wait a thousand years or more to even sense my presence.

Whatever reasons there are, they couldnt be enough for me to change myself. This is who i am:

  1. Soft-hearted
  2. Love to make people laugh
  3. Sentimental
  4. Make silly jokes
  5. Love to laugh so loud
  6. Not hot-headed
  7. Kind ( a little bit)
  8. Patient guy ( yeah right)
  9. Love to buy expensive stuff as i worked for it
  10. Love everything about Nur Syafiqah binti Ahmad ( her jokes, her laugh and other else)

I shouldn't have changed myself. I was wrong..totally. From now on, i'll be myself and avoid any changes that will turn me into a freak. Now, i shall start all over again and continue to be myself all the way until the end.

I'm sorry if i scared you won't happen again. Mahdi whom you know is now back..

Name: Muhammad Mahdi b Johari
Age: 20 Years old
Hair color ( in the picture) : Red, Black and Grey ( Now)
Attitude: Patient, kind

With whom am i in love with before: Nur Syafiqah binti Ahmad
With whom am i in love with now: Nur Syafiqah binti Ahmad
With whom willi be going to be in love with for the rest of my life: Nur Syafiqah binti Ahmad