Saturday, November 20, 2010


Why in the world that other people can do anything that they wish but when i tried to do the same i was restricted. Why? Is it because i'm out lawful and other people are lawful?? I'm wrong and other people are right? Just because i'm kind doens't mean that i'm stupid. I know my rights and i won't hesitate to stand up and fight for it. Why is it that people can get mad and i can't?? What, because i might hurt other people..? And other people don't hurt me when they got mad?? Oh, i get it who cares right?? Who cares to give a damn about my feelings right?? I mean, look at me, i'm nobody, i'm nothing. Who am i to say such things right?? I'm just a skinny person with nothing in my hands with no titles, o badges, no names and such. So, why would anyone wants to care about me right?

Doesn't matter how i feel, i mean what other people feel are what matters right even though they are wrong. Even though they know that i'm right but who cares? It's them who are more important. If i'm right i can't fight for myself. I can't get mad and i just have to accept it. I just have to accept everything and no one would have to accept me. So people can can't accept me and i can't can't accept other people, right..? Wrong. this is madness! This is a stupidity that is happening in my life. Nobody has to accept me and i have to accept every one. I have to listen to every one and nobody has to listen to me. Don't talk to me about my life choices. They took them away from me. Now i have no choice. If i get angry, nobody's going to like me anymore. They will think that i'm a mad person who knows no joy and no fun. But when i don't get mad, i'll lose my dignity, my pride and my ego. I'll be just a joking douche bag. I sacrificed all of them not for me but for other people.

Probably right now nobody does respect me. Well, who am i to talk about respect right..? I guess i'll just have to accept it.

p/s: To those who do respect and accept me for who i am, i'm not writing this blog for you to read.

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