Monday, October 25, 2010

Without you ( whom i so desire)

Today,i felt like a moving corpse,
Who got no intention by any folks,
Despite of what had happened last night,
I try to be upright.

As the sun goes up,

I tend to shut my mouth up,
What most people don't know is that,
I'm not in the mood for Monday bliss chat.

I know it's probably due to the incident,
That i don't know how to be patient,
If only i knew,
I will not let it happens to you.

I'll understand if you don' want to see,
The impatient self of me,
But even so,
I will not let you go.

My dear ( whom i so desire),
I wish you could hear,
The sound of my heart,
That was falling apart.

Even just a glance,
I feel that i have a chance,
Your eyes tell me everything,
Even some of it might sting.

Maybe this will not dazzle you as others did,
I'm not good enough i bid,
Sometime it takes a while to be impressed,
otherwise you will be stressed.

I don't mind,

Because i know that you are mine,
Without you my life is empty,

The deepest apology from me,

Your love truly,


p/s: this poem is dedicated to my sayang whom i have hurt so bad

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