Friday, October 29, 2010

that cool??

The current trend to look cool today is to have or use an iPhone. I mean, imagine if Lisa Surihani who has just won the Best Actress, uses Nokia 3310. How would she looks like or what would your perception towards her be? I know, it must has sounded something like this,' huh, menang banyak award tapi pkai 3310 akhikhi!' rite??

That's what i meant. Sometimes, people may change his or her perception towards you when you use an iPhone. Like, a total bookworm-nerd might be the next cool guy if he uses an iPhone because it's iPhone. So, everyone tends to get an iPhone. First, iPhone 2g then 3gs, then 4, what's next?? 5,6,7,8,9, 10 and in ten years what would it be?? iPhone 21?? lol kidding i'm not that dumb. Please, it's just a metaphor.

If possible, every Telco would want to offer plans for iPhone like 12 month installments or 24 months installment or other else. In this way, they can successfully sell their plans along with the iPhone and so called fill the emptiness in the heart of the people who wanted to look cool today. So now we know that they are successful but are we successful..? Besides the fact that we successfully waste a tonnes of money for the iPhone!

Let's see, they got their money and now they can do anything they want, they can go anywhere they want, they can buy anything they want. We lost our money ( 'maybe not our money' to some people) and we have the iPhone. Now,can we do anything that we want with it..? I mean can we go to the airport and say,' Hi, good morning i want to go for a vacation at New York and i don't have any money but i use an iPhone ( showing it to the lady at the counter) , so umm can i have two tickets please as i wanted to go with my wife so, u know~' Well, i don't know about you guys but if i were the one who's behind the counter, i'll say,'so..?'.

You see people, in this life fame is what people look for. If you are famous and cool everybody loves you. If you use an iPhone you will look cool and everyone will want to be your friends. For me, i don't like iPhone. It's not that i'm not capable of having one but if i were given a choice, 'no' will be my answer. A gift is something different. I'm talking about our own self-management here. To be smart and independent. I won't mind if other people would rather eat once a day but uses an iPhone. What i know is i enjoy eating whenever i want, whatever i want, but uses a normal phone that is capable of making calls and sending text messages that what phone's really is meant for.

I'm using Nokia 7210 Supernova and i'm happy with it as i still can contact my family, my sayang and my friends. I lived my life even without an iPhone and i do look cool ( yeah rite~). :D

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