Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Strangers

People nowadays are becoming strangers. In my perspective, i see a lots of strange ( which i consider as ) things that has been happening all over the place. Everywhere i go, i'll see one at least. Maybe it's the culture or the new generations disease what has made them so strange. I mean, seriously, a man would has enough energy to go and to dump everything in the the toilet but don't have enough energy to flush it. I'm sorry but i just hate it so much when i go to the toilet and i see their dumps unflushed. Here some of the things that i found strange that is happening around me:

1) My mom worked for 20 years and she can only afford a Proton Waja for daily use. Here in IIUM, more and more jobless students who some of them probably have never taste the bitter of working proudly ( with a stress at the 'd' sound ) drive a Honda Accord 2010, Toyota Altis 2009, Mazda 2, Satria Neo, Ford Escape, BMw 3 series, Cooper S, Persona and other else. One question, ' what do you guys do for a living?' Whatever it is, they must be great men as to study and to earn that much of money at the same time.

2) It will looks normal for a guy to spend time with a girl but it will looks very abnormal if a guy spending his time with another guy friend.

3) It is normal for a guy to watch porno on his laptop, but it is abnormal for a guy to learn islamic banking, islamic laws and islamic medics on his pc ( personal computer).

4) Most of the people who weight more than 70kg tend to eat less amount of calories than those who weight 65kg and below for the sake of so called 'diet'. Give me a break, the only way to lose weight is to fast or to not eat. The problem is when if you eat a McChicken rather than a Triple Cheeseburgers and say that you only consume a little amount of calories- you so far from losing weight. A burger alone consist of almost a 1000 kj of calories. I don't know about you but to me that is equal to 2 plates full of rice.

5) Lecturers keep on complaining about make up test where students will have a second chance to increase their marks. Then what's the point of not give them any when you mark their first test? Still, it's a good thing :)

6) It doesn't matter if you do bad, but it does matter if someone else does bad. Busy body. People will love to talk about others who do bad things. Be careful, you could be wrong for saying something bad about the others. Unless you have a solid proof, a recorded sound or a picture or something then it is wise to not say anything as you might say something that is not true which is sometimes can be very suicidal ( beware of your words). Try to hear people talking bad and wrong things about you, would you be mad..?

Well, there you have it. If you find it very usual, I'll respect your opinion as should you respect mine.

"I may be one of those strangers but i have my reasons to be so so, please with all due respect, think not once, not twice, but ten times before you say something."

If you are saying i'm no different from all the above, then i'll say, "who're you to say such thing??" and i'll also say, "that wasn't a question."

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