Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Stimulator

Days after days, i realized that i'm getting older not physically but internally and mentally. I starting to forget things, misinterpret things and even miscount things. I started to get tired easily, i can't hold my breath longer than usual and i can only walk for 4 miles(usually 5 or 6) distance at a time then i have to sit down and take some rest. I need more sleep if not i will tend to be sleepy throughout the day. If i read a sentence, sometimes i have to go through it again and again to understand it completely.

Even so, every time i experience this kind of phenomena with my sayang, all of them diminished slowly like the wind of joy blows everything off my sight. My sayang has always been there for me to make me smile. I never feel tired everytime she's around me it's like i want the time to stop or pause when we're together. She always makes sure that i keep smiling if not she will take a fork and pierce it into my leg hahah :D then i'll go saying,' ouu sakitnyer~ sakit 2 ap??' and laughing with her.

She's my stimulator.
When i'm tired, she replenishes my energy.
If i'm sad, she makes me laugh again and again.
When i'm alone, she always there to accompany me.
When i feel so inferior of myself, she reminds me of who i am that's what makes me superior but when i feel superior she'll say,' blaahh~' lol
She never stops makes me laugh.

If only i can do the same thing,no, if only i can do more than what have you ever did.
You do so much sayang.
For that, i thank you Nur Syafiqah bt Ahmad

I love you and i'll always will.
I ask you to be patient with my dumbness as i just love you so much that i feel you mean the world to me

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