Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Hideous Scream

This semester is a semester of gamble. I risked my grades by randomly choose any subject to be put in my schedule. Unfortunately, i picked RKUD 3020: Islamic Ethics which is a third level subject..which is tough. Then, i have no choice but to just pick what section that's available for my core courses. I end up having trouble when i didn't score for my mid term and quizzes as i have to do extra assignments to boost my marks up a little bit. Still, that wasn't enough. With the drama, halaqah and other else that have been messing with my life the whole time, i can't bear to enjoy my life except when my sayang is around. Other than that, i feel like i want to go to the top of any building and just screammmm!!!..

I really hope this semester ends now and hopefully the next one will be a better one.

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