Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mahallah Parking Squad (MPS)

When i park on the grass, i got a ticket, when i park in front of my mahala, i also got a ticket saying that i park at unauthorized area, then where should i park my bike then!? at the parking lot n happily experience a 7 mins walk to my r00m?? what's the point of the bike then if i have 2 walk??

This semester alone, i have changed my tyre tube for three times, my tubeless tyre was heavily damaged by the '4wd' brick road at my mahala ( the one that make Gamelan's sound like "ktuk ktuk ktuk" when stepped). Who's going to pay for that? My father? What, is he the one who plans that kind of road??

Maybe IIUM' authority have their own reason for using that kind of bricks 4 the road at the mahala, what they don't know or maybe they do is that those bricks will holds many kind of debris or the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up like a piece of glass and nails. The rain and wind will flow those things to the road and dwells inside the bricks. So, when a bike like mine cross the roads, it will probably damaged my tyres my leaving a crack or nails inside my tyre which will cause a flatten tyre.

Still, they asked me to park at the so called authorized area. To go to the parking lots, i have to go through the damned bricks. If i do, i'll got a flatten tyre, but if don't, i'll got a parking ticket. What should i do, remove my plate numbers so that the Mahallah Parking Squad (MPS) won't be able to give summons to my bike.

I loathe you, Mahallah Security. You should look for thieves not me.


  1. it's not even a 4wd road, it's a tank-kind-of-brick road! Even 4wd suspensions boleh tercabut!

  2. kan~ same thing hapen 2 tayar kamal