Sunday, October 10, 2010


Since i was young, i rarely use any products for my face. At that time i believe and still believe that, 'people like you just the way you are' so don't have to change anything. Then, my sayang said that,'i agree but a good one is most welcome ;)'. So she introduced some of facial products like L'oreal and Oxy. Well it worked. Since that moment i keep on using them from time to time.

Most of the time, i'll use the White Activ as a scrub just to brighten my skins a little bit. It's not that my skin is dark but sometimes it is because of the dead skins and smoke and etc. :P

Anyway, after that about twice a week i'll apply a blackhead remover to wash my nose a bit. I used Blackhead Clearing Wash and Nose Pore Strip afterward.

So much for the face, i used Eye Roll On to reduce the dark circles ( they say purportedly).

So, if you notice that I'm a little bit difference from before, it may be the effects of the products but most of the time, its just me who's getting brighter everyday naturally :D for that i thank you God.


  1. OMG L'OREAL PARIS!! If I had a boyfriend I would definitely recommend him to use the brand too (and only if he's not using brands pricier than this). Have been a loyal customer of this product since I was 14! There are goood! Affordable price and smile-offering result! :) :)