Sunday, September 19, 2010


I don't know why, but Sunday has always been a very painful day for me. It's not that i won't have any fun on that day it's just that i hate it because I'll always end up with this kind of feeling where i'll's hard to explain, it's very complicated the feeling when at the end of the day maybe i have to leave our family or they left me like they used to when i was in high school. I hate it because i always felt like i was left alone and i was separated from them. Even after i finished high school, whenever i went for a vacation i have to get back on Sunday and get ready to work or study again. It spoils the mood i mean it will be better if there's Funday instead of Sunday more like Suddenday to me where it's a holiday but all of a sudden it's working day. It's like a day that stops or breaks my good times up into pieces.

So, until now i hate it when it comes to Sunday evening where my family will become separated again.

  1. First, my mom= Going back to Poland a.k.a Palong
  2. Second, my 1st bro= Going back to Rembau
  3. Third, my 2nd bro= Going back to Melaka
  4. Fourth, my sister= Going back to SMK Puteri near PWTC
  5. Fifth, me= Going back to Gombak

This Sunday evening has became one of the most hurtful evening that i have ever had because in two days my 3rd big bro is going to fly to Indonesia as the only time that i will ever see him again is on the next Hari Raya hopefully,and i'm here in Gombak (not with him) just to set and ready my mind and body for upcoming lectures tomorrow. If only there are no lectures this week and all of us can still have a little fun before the classes start again. Sunday has always makes my evening hurtful. Lucky (gratefully) i have my sayang who's always there to cheer me up.

It's not that i'm not grateful that we have seven days a week but i just hope someday my family don't have to separate again.

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