Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So Long Brother..

About a half an hour ago, my big bro has gone to Medan, Indonesia. He won't be around for the upcoming year. Most probably my family won't get a chance to celebrate the next Raya with him. I'm sad but i'm also happy because he's the first one who has made it to go study overseas (Indonesia still counts you know ) among my siblings so far even though he only get an 'A' for his SPM.

But i don't care, i love him and i'm proud of him because even though he didn't do so well in his SPM but he is the one and the only Hafiz in my family chain tree. He can make more money than any of my siblings if he wanted to.

"Well, i know i didn't have the chance to see you off today due to my annoying classes. But don't worry coz i will be the one who's gonna pick u up at the airport wen u get home alrite bro..peace yaw."

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