Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wrath (Anger)

If i were to be put in one of the Seven Deadly Sins, it will be none other-Wrath (Anger). Well, it may seems that i'm a kind buggy guy who never or hard to get angry but trust me, i'm the most angriest person that i have ever known. Why? Simple, i'm the only person (i mean besides God) who knows what exactly my heart's feeling. I may tell different thing while i'm feeling a different thing. I may lie or i may tell the truth. Even so, it's to train myself to be devoted to the 'if you play fire with fire, you will just get burnt' statements. Each time you get angry, it is not the matter of how mad can you be but how calm can you keep yourself professionally in front of other people.

By abiding the nature's law of anger, where if you tend to keep the anger or hide it within you it will somehow affect your lifespan. Doesn't matter if you can pretend that nothing happen but you know deep inside, you are suffering and struggling to keep it calm and maintain the blood flow from rage. If it does happen, you will suffer from hypertension as after you became stress. Then if it becomes persistent, it may lead to stroke and shorten your lifespan or may even kill you.

But, as told by our Prophet, we must be patient as it can prevent something from getting worse. For me, that is the hardest thing to be done as it requires such faith and strong will. And i don't have any of those.

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