Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Insomnia (Sleeping Disorder)

"Since i'm suffering from this disease a.k.a sleeping disorder shit, my language may sounded very unpleasant to certain people ( try to write a blog in my state then you will know). I've even done a research about insomnia and i dun get to used a shit from it coz its a total waste (iv not i wouldnt have suffer would i??) i dig deeper n deeper ndeeperr to find out how do we ac2ly tackle diz shit n guess wat?? they're alllll useless!! none ov them works n iv u ask me..i would rather go c a clown than those damn psychiatrists.." (yawnnnnn~)

"wat a nite.." (right hand moving on th table searhin 4 water). "where's my water..? where is it, las time i checked there's plenty more!" (measurin th bottle n stirring th water up) Stupid water..b thnkful ur not alive or i'll b smashin ur bottom oredy 4 unnoticed dissapearin from me..

"Huh..did i jus..talk 2 my water bottle!?" (sigh) what's happening to me..? (lowering down my face as a sign ov sadness and fatigue) Now before i go yelling and screaming like a real crazy person, i think it would be better if i just go to bed and try to get some sleep.

Ok, for those who have just read this, this is me when I'm in a very unstable situation for less than a minute at 4am in the morning. Just so you know, I'm not permanently crazy just that i lack of sleep. Happy Sleeping everybody except me!


  1. Dude, the only solution if its really bad is sleeping pills. Trust me, Ive been through this 'shit'.-Shazna

  2. it works sumtime but i run out ov it

  3. zmah pon insomnia...... now mkn byk keje. dicampur ngan kerja menulis cerpen dan novel, my headache becomes worse and worse.... huuuuu

    p/s: blog walking. ngeh2.....