Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The reasons to my quote: "live ur life.."

Let me ask you a question, what if you died at any second of your life..? Well it got me the first time i hear it too :) Actually, the moment you die, that's where it all ends, your 'end-of-story','the end', and 'good bye'. BUT, what if..the person that you love most..died...? This, i cannot answer. Why, because when they're gone, you have no choice but to accept the fact that they're gone forever and by means there's nothing that you can do to bring them back. I mean, you can't just simply text them to tell them to come home or to come back like you used to like,"hey come back coz i wanna say sory 4 everythin.." or "please dun leave i was jus kiddin wen i said i hated u.." or "i love you" or even "i love you too.."

I can't imagine how am i going to live without my loved ones. I would miss them terribly."That's why instead of wasting my time to something that is totally useless and pointless, i tend to gratefully live my life with my loved ones."

This is my lovely parents who have never leave my side when i need them ;p

(I don't know how but they have quickly took each other pictures at the same time lol)

My annoying yet wonderful and helpful siblings :)

and my sweet-adorable sayang who's always care for me, even though we always fight with each other, i will always love you

I'm so glad for what i have, that's why i appreciate them in any ways, that's why i live my life. Oh and for my friends, do not worry because my next blog will be all about how and why i call you my friends. ;p

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