Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Targets.

In life, we ought to have targets. It will somehow be our goals to be achieved. It's known by many names,'bull's eyes', 'to-do list', 'stars' and etc. It's what we live for. Well, here are my targets:

  • To have RM 35,000.00 in my ASB ( Amanah Saham Bumiputera) account in upcoming 5 years.
  • To be able to completely control my emotions and discipline my mind or should i say to be professional and a little bit mature .
  • To be a very helpful and reliable person for everyone (getting stronger and wiser).
  • To find a very stable job (and halal) like lecturers or businessman (without riba').
  • To get married with my sayang.
  • To buy at least an affordable sports car (most likely something from Nissan or Mazda, Subaru if i'm lucky :) ) .
  • To have a very safe, simple, and comfortable home for me and my future wife.
  • To be a pious son by listening to what my parents say.
  • To do hajj.
  • To stop working by the age of 55 years old (it supposed to be 58 years old but since i'm me so i'll retire early lol).
  • To spend the rest of my life happily with my wife using my savings in KWSP account (possibly around RM500,000 or maybe more).
Let's hope it'll work shall we ;p


  1. blog's template ko sooo lively, mahdi! Lol
    I pray for your wishes or targets, what ever you call 'em!

    p.s.: 500k in kwsp aftr retired. Ok, if you wish to be dead on ur 65th b'day! ROFL