Saturday, July 3, 2010

My life, My story, My teacher..

Since i was a cute innocent child, i have already realized that this so called life is temporary and we will be dead and we shall rise again for the afterlife. Not just that, i have also realized that Ultraman doesn't exist so are the Super Saiyans, Spiderman and Hogwarts. Oh and the fact that movies are just movies (even if they say it is based on true story). Now, by realizing the fact that all of those characters are nothing more than just fictions, i tried to live my life in a more mature realistic way. When i say realistic, i meant logic. I mean the reason why this 'logic' term came into my head was because there is a story in my life about this one white skinny boy whom i knew back in school tried to defeat five boys at a time. I asked myself,"who does he thinks he is? what a, a Power Rangers or something??" Yeah and the last thing i remember, his head was smashed to the ground and he managed to get back on his feet like he thought he has this super powers for God's sake..and the rest is history. I only have one question-'what was he thinking?'

I said to myself,"doesn't matter how others use their's your life why must bother look into the others?? You have a head and mind-use it." From that very moment,
i let life teach me how to live my life, i learned mostly from my own mistakes as the Malay folks usually said 'dah terhantuk baru terasa sakit' and for that i'm grateful that i'm a one stubborn person :) In other words, i will only live the way i was taught which includes the fact that i thought 'being nice to people is good but being too nice to people is bad'. Im not saying that i'm nice but :D Well then by saying these words of my own, i shall now say 'Welcome!' to my blog.

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