Saturday, July 17, 2010

Me+ No friends= So not me! :D

In my life, i always thought that by having friends around me will prevent me from going crazy. I mean, seriously what will you do if you are alone? Okay, fine you're alone with a fortune or perhaps you can have all the things in this world but without what will you do? What was that..? Am i hearing "simple, i just spend all those fortune" or "actually money can buy happiness" kind of answers..? Look it ain't that simple and money can't buy happiness because if it can men would probably get married with money instead of women and vice versa. Doesn't matter what you can do or whatever things that you have, in this life you must at least have a friend or a partner or you will end up in a situation like this.

Lol :D

The point is people, a friend is a person who you can count on in other words- person who you trust. This person would probably be the person who you can share your problem with, you can spend some time with, you can laugh or even cry with in fact you can share anything with this person but by the line of limits of course because to be true there are some matters that you have to keep it to yourself-its privacy. This person is the person who always be there to cheer you up when you are sad, to help you with every ounce that he or she got. This person will be afraid to confront you with bad news because he or she doesn't want to disappoint you at all, he don't want to ever see you sad. Like me, a very pessimist choosy person, i chose my friends. For obvious reasons, i can't afford to not have any friends. I've done a lots of things to my friends because i'm comfortable to have them as my friends. See?

I don't just do that kind of face all the times :D

These people are my friends and to upload all of my friends picture will cost me my own "photobucket" on the internet lol. The point is, i just choose whoever i trust and i'm comfortable to hang out with as my friends besides the fact that they're reliable.

To all my friends, don't hate me because of my craziness because i'm just comfortable with you guyz ;p

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