Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A lonely housemaid ;)

(Sigh) i'm alone in this house right now and i have to clean up the house to help me from losing my mind embarrassingly lol :D i have to do the dishes, do the laundry and prepare the meal for..humm let's see..myself! Duhh~ i wish i have someone that can keep me company..and help me to clean up the house! :D

ok, 1st only the ones in the circle are mine ok ;p

now this is after i made my meal ='maggi goreng mamak xjd'..what's that..? where's the meal..? umm i don't know most probably on his way down to my intestine to be digested :)

and this is all mine..(due to the possibly inappropriate contents, some of the images have been filtered) ;p

Later i'm going to mow the lawn lol.

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