Tuesday, July 20, 2010

-Life is Irony-

Isaac Asimov stated that life is pleasant. Me, on the other hand stated that life is irony. Why, because it's true. What do you think the reason is for them to create such skinny pants? Is it because the pants itself is skinny or it's made to make a person look skinny? Well, if you answer the first one, then why are there lots and lots of 'horizontally-challenged' people wear skinny pants while they are not skinny? I mean, "a fat man wears a skinny pants to look skinny"..does it sounds right to you..? (duhh~)

Even my life itself is irony.
  • I hate to disappoint other people but i always give them reason to do so.
  • I tell people to be strong but i'm (so)weak.
  • I always want other people to have faith in me but i never give them any chance to try.
  • I don't prefer people to be mad at me but i always be the one..who made them mad.
So not only my life that i was talking about here but also other people's lives. An activists who promulgates the conservation of nature drives a diesel-combusted vehicle that produces one of the most ozone layer-thinner substances. Way to go, Captain Planet~! I think that life is irony because life isn't fair but as it's from Allah's Will then it's the best for all of us.

One more comedic irony from my life,- i hate blogs but i have a blog. -_-

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