Sunday, July 4, 2010

How to job interview

As an ex-employee of Zara Co., McDonald, Popular Bookstores and Guardian i have gone through quite a number of job interviews. The key to the job interview is to promote not only what you can do but also who you are that might impress yet dazzle the interviewer. Here are some basic steps on how to job interview:

  • Attire and Grooming- Make sure that you are neatly prepared, wear a jacket and a tie if you can and a haircut and little bit of shaving will do the work.
  • Communication- Must have clarity in speaking, only speak when you are asked. Use simple, humble and understandable style of speaking. Watch your voice tones as it may infers different meaning.
  • Postures and Gestures- Sit straight, hands on desk and show a convincing smile.
  • Self-Promoting Technique (SPT) - Tell the interviewer what you can do and others can't, and why you must be hired instead of the other applicants. Never reveal your weaknesses.
Now, if you follow every single step stated there would be no reason for the interviewer to not choose you. Good luck!

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