Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hips don't lie ( Body language)

No matter how good can people keep their secrets, their body will reveal them all. The body language of a human is mostly can't be controlled. Only certain kind of people will be able to do that whom normally actors as they can simply behave the way they wish. My so called talent is that i can easily recognized or read other people's body language. Plus, my experiences in working as a retail assistant and sales promoter have somehow prove my theories. In other words, i can tell either someone is lying or not, someone who likes me or not and other else. Here are some tips on how to read body language:
  • A person who is lying will possibly tend to avoid eye contacts as he don't want to accept the fact that he is lying and he don't expect any questions as it will be troublesome for him to make more lies in a very short time. Plus, he will also panting as his heart is beating faster ( he is afraid that people might know he is lying).
  • A person who likes you would be more comfortable when you are around ( by means he or she would show certain behaviors to attract your attention as he wants to be noticed by you).Instead of being with another person, he or she would have rather chose you.
  • A person who has a favor to ask you would nicely be very helpful to you ('bodek'). This is when it's 'always ok' time for him because that particular person will try his best to do anything that you said as he expect in return, you will give him the thing that he wishes.
  • A person who dislike you will eagerly act superior so that you will look inferior to him. That person will always try to find your mistakes and he will even try to get rid of you by any ways.To him, you are a cancer.
Well there you go. Hopes any of these will anyhow helps you just like it helps me in living my life. Still, the results of these theories may be vary depending on the situations and environments.

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